Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Family day out at Dudley Zoo and Castle

Hi friends,
hope you are well?

Yesterday was such a great day, the weather was so hot and we decided 
to have a family day out at Dudley Zoo and Castle. 

It was great to spend some quality family time together and my best friends' 
daughter came along too.

Here is a photo of the magnificent Castle which dates back to 
the eleventh century. 
I love ancient ruins and the thought of stepping into a building where 
so much history has taken place is wonderful. 

I love the fact that you are actually stepping in the same 
footsteps of someone else from hundreds 
of years ago! 

It was a pleasure to get so close to all the beautiful animals
however, i would much prefer to see them in their natural habitat. 

I'm such a huge fan of the big cats, so getting this close to this majestic
 tiger without getting eaten alive was amazing!! 

Lemur wood was great as we were so close to these 
beautiful animals. 

loved seeing the snakes in the reptile house. 

Thanks once again for stopping by 
Have a great day everyone. 

 Zowie xx

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