Monday, 20 March 2017

'Normal will never be beautiful'

Hello lovely friends,
hope you are well and that
your Monday has been a good day!

I haven't made anything for almost a week,
that's very unusual for me, so tonight
I decided to sit down and craft! 

And here is the result, an artist trading card. 

I just love this old photo booth
image and had to use it for this project.

This lady has such a fabulous smile and so 
I chose the words 
'Normal will never be beautiful'
I thought they fitted perfectly!

In a world where there seems to be 
so much attention on how we should look 
or how we should be, I wanted 
this to reflect that it's ok to be different 
and it's ok to be yourself. 

Back to crafting now!

See you on the next post 

Zowie xx 

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